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What is the cost of living in Daegu?
Name Gene Kim  (Homepage) Date 2007-03-27 10:49:48 (Hit : 5,317)

(replied by Becky, currently working in Daegu, South Korea)
If your rent is being paid for by your school then the cost of living is quite low. I spend under 10 English pounds for my phone bill every two months, about 20 pounds for gas, but that's because it has been the winter and my flat has been cold!!! Bills are cheaper than England. In Daegu you can eat out at most restaurants for about 3 pound. Near my house there is an all you can eat buffet for 1 pound 50!!!!! Food shopping varies depending on where you are shopping. There are plenty of markets where you can buy a big bag of satsumas for example for 1 pound 50 (sorry can't find the pound sign key) and there are lots of supermarkets. Food such as cereal, bread etcis similar price to England. Transport is very cheap with a single subway ticket about 0.5pound (revised by the administrator). The bus is similar. Going to the gym ranges from 25 pound to 30 pound and you can get deals for signing up for three months at a time. Alcohol varies but a pint is about the same. Cocktails are cheaper!!! I am spending less here, doing more and saving more. Hope that helps....

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